Captain Marvel film review

The film might be set nearly 25 years ago, but it is decidedly modern, post #MeToo and riding the wave of positive movements in the film industry to provide women with an equal platform. Captain Marvel, we salute you.

Five misconceptions about a women’s march

Back in January I attended my first Women’s March. I was super nervous if I was honest, mainly because I didn’t really know anyone going, and I’d never been the ‘type’ of girl to shout and protest. I’m more of a polite keyboard warrior trying to change the world. But I wanted to push myself…


Manspreading has overtaken the tube, and it’s rife in parliament too. Here’s how to act if you want more than 32% of MPS to be women in another 100 years.

Being a black beauty queen

BBC, Buzzfeed, Huffpost, Independent…. You name, she’s been on it. Since winning the title of Miss Universe Great Britain, Anguilla born Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers has been all over the media, even trending on Twitter. And why you ask? Because she’s the first black woman to win the title and represent GB at Miss Universe later this…

Isn’t that sexist?

At a friends wedding this past weekend, inevitably the conversation turned to my hobby, Miss Universe GB. Now, to run a news site focused on feminism, that might come as a shock to some.

10 facts about football

Ahead of England’s last group stage match, find out why the women’s team is and always has been breaking new ground